CrowdWave® is the most exciting mass-participation game company in North America today. In one year since its ten team NBA and NHL launch, CrowdWave®'s interactive game apps have been experienced by over 6,000,000 fans. Its patent pending Vision Interactive software lets those fans compete, vote, cooperate and play games on the "big screen" simply by moving their arms.

CrowdWave® is expanding - doubling the number of NBA and NHL teams next season and expanding to the NFL and NCAA. To handle this explosive growth, CrowdWave® is ramping up its top quality design and development teams in Ottawa. This is a tremendous opportunity for game artists, animators and developers to flex their creative and technical muscles with intense graphics and rich, 3D content that pushes coding to the limit. We are looking for top talent, ready for the challenge of creating and delivering premium casual game content for a leading edge platform.

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