CrowdWave Logo
CrowdWave® engages fans interactively. Fans connect through play with each other, with the team and with sponsors.

Our proprietary system of cameras, server and software captures and interprets fan movement to control branded big-screen experiences.

Fans cooperate or compete, section versus section, level versus level, simply by moving their arms. Those movements control games and polls customized for teams and sponsors during breaks in the on-court, on-field or on-ice action.

CrowdWave® entertains, CrowdWave® connects, CrowdWave® drives premium sponsorship revenue.

Mark Edwards President And Founder
Mark Edwards is a veteran in the entertainment and advertising industries. His experience includes a dozen years practicing entertainment law, co-founding Amberwood Entertainment Corporation, producing over $50M of television cartoons and managing Fuel Industries, establishing its licensed properties division and creating branded games for Fortune 500 companies.

Mark founded Bent 360 in the fall of 2007 to focus on creating new media branded entertainment and developed CrowdWave® to extend the interactive branded entertainment experience to large venues and mass audiences.